Most people, if you have sore back in the morning, you will think that you just need to change the mattress on orthopedic. Of course, this can cause back pain. But very often the pain is due to serious health problems that need attention.

Causes of lower back pain

Among the most common causes of lower back pain in the morning include the following.

1. In women, it can be pregnancy or menopause.
2. It is not excluded the incorrect position during sleep, which overloads the back muscles.
3. Stress in the body.
4. Swelling, which can cause blood stagnation in the spine. In order to remove it, you need more exercise, walk more and do exercises in the morning.
5. Extra pounds. If the muscles rarely experience physical activity, they can not cope with the weight of overweight. If the person is not involved in sports, his life will always be lack of exercise.
6. Incorrect posture.

The main reason, if you have sore back in the morning, it may be osteochondrosis. During sleep, especially if a person lies in one position, the spine to this provision gets used, so when getting out of bed will feel the stiffness and even pain.
At first the pain may be periodic. But then it will intensify and occur during coughing, sneezing, or any sudden movements. It will provoke a strong fatigue of the whole body.

Osteochondrosis is a disease of bone joints. If it affects the back, then the person can't bend over without experiencing pain. It will be constantly pursued nagging and nagging pain in the back and not only after sleep.

How to get rid of back pain

People with osteoarthritis will be interested in how to get rid of lower back pain in the morning. Be aware that curing this disease can only be a doctor.

It is necessary to conduct diagnostic tests. After that, the doctor will prescribe individual treatment. It includes not only medicines, but also massage, manual therapy and exercise therapy.

This will help to strengthen the spine, improve blood circulation in the lumbar spine and help the muscles relax during sleep.

But in addition to degenerative disc disease of the back may be sore for other reasons. For example, this is the wrong position during sleep. You can't lie on your back with your legs straight. This may occur bending of the spine in the lumbar region.

To back does not hurt, you need to choose a comfortable bed to sleep in. It should be moderately soft, moderately hard.
The spine is the backbone of the entire skeleton of a man. Nerve fibers that are responsible for many processes of life. Why trust the treatment of back have only qualified doctors to avoid problems in the future.