The reason back pain after sleeping may lie in the pathological process (the defeat spine or muscle), and the natural changes in the body, including age.


The most common reason, which does not require medical care, is associated with overexertion of the back muscles. If the person is carrying stuff, worked in the tilt position for a long time, there will be strong tension in the spine muscles, attacked by an excess of lactic acid, which can lead to the appearance of characteristic pains the next day.

Also cause back pain after sleep can be uncomfortable mattress. Often a person buys a too hard mattress - the so-called orthotic - simply on the advice of someone from friends. This mattress gives the back muscles during sleep to fully relax, causing them to tense for a long time and respond to the effects of morning pain.

Too soft mattress is also not good for the spine, as the body lying on a mattress, as if falls, the spine is not supported. The best is to buy a mattress of medium hardness, which would ensure and support the spine and allow the muscles to relax.


If the pain is severe, occur constantly, does not stop during sleep, worse during exercise, you need to contact the doctor to perform diagnostic procedures.

The cause of lower back pain after sleeping can be such a pathological condition as:
- osteohondroz,
- hernia of the spine,
- osteoporosis.

Get a sore back and with such a serious inflammatory, non-infectious diseases such as Bechterew's disease, which gradually robs a person's mobility. The cause of the disease is not fully understood, it is believed that it has a genetic etiology and is associated with weak immune activity of the body.

Typical morning back pain to diseases such as tuberculosis, brucellosis, under which a possible pathological change in the spinal discs, diseases of the digestive tract, associated with defecation problem. Very often in the lower back in the morning, grabbing those who has kidney disease: pyelonephritis, glomerulonefrit, sand or stones in the kidneys. Studies such as MRI or x-ray will not help, the doctor will have to prescribe blood and urine.

The reason that in the mornings, back aches can be a psychosomatic disorder, as the lower back some people may respond to negative emotions and stress. Will help in this case yoga, meditation, relaxation, you can lie down in the evening in a warm bath to treat stomach nice Goodies, in short, to pleasure yourself, not perenapravit the body.

If a person's excess weight load on the spine increased dramatically which may also lead to lumbar pain.

In any case, to determine the exact cause, you must consult the doctor to perform diagnostic procedures and appointments, if necessary, treatment.