Blushers come in three types: liquid, fatty and dry. Moreover, all three varieties can be done at home.

Dry blush with his hands

Dry blush can be prepared from rice flour. This rice is ground into powder and mix it with fresh beet juice. It is better to mix components on the baking paper. Colored rice flour, leave to dry on paper, and then pour it in a glass container and thoroughly mix. Following this recipe, you can get blush cold tone. To make this decorative medium warm shade, beet juice is recommended to add a little cinnamon or carrot juice.

In addition, cook dry blush can be a different recipe. Mix 750 g of talc 250 g of dextrin, 0.5 ml Bergamote oil, 0.5 ml of rose oil, and add a solution consisting of 1 part of Carmine and 5 parts of ammonia. The resulting mass is cooked in a sugar syrup (the syrup should take just enough to make a thick mass). From ready-made paste, make small round cakes which are dried in the air. The process of applying this blush is that the skin is slightly moistened, and then rubbed the coin and feather blush dry cotton pad.

Homemade fat blush

The process of making this makeup looks as follows: melt in a water bath 100 g of olive oil, 200 g of white wax and 200 g of cocoa butter. Then this composition is enriched with 1 ml of rose oil, 0.5 ml of aromatic oil of bergamot and 0.5 ml of musk. The cooled composition is administered a solution consisting of 25 parts ammonia and 10 parts of Carmine.

Fatty blush can be prepared from 120 ml of almond oil, 1 tsp henna and 0.5 tsp of beeswax. Almond oil mixed with henna and leave the mix to infuse for 10 days, after which the composition is filtered and mixed with melted beeswax. Ready blush: the resulting decorative tool has a rich beige-peach color.

How to make liquid blush

For the preparation of liquid blush mix 1 part cochineal with 2 parts of ammonia, after which the mixture is enriched to 5 parts rose water and all the components again thoroughly mixed. Then the composition is introduced 20 parts of distilled water, and again mix the ingredients. Blush ready to use.

Sometimes Browning of the skin use the juice of red berries (e.g. raspberry, strawberry or cherry), but with prolonged contact of the fruit with the skin can experience an allergic reaction.