Every girl wants to look amazing, without overloading the skin with various chemicals. Powder doesn't do any good, though, and saves you from oily sheen. But what to do? There is a solution! You can prepare the powder yourself.

Cooking powder

To prepare a powder can be of ordinary rice. Will have to wait, because the process takes a week, but the result is worth it. First you need to prepare the container, suitable glass jar. It must be sterilized to further the rice water is not fermented. Cooked in the jar should be filled up 4 tablespoons of rice and pour in boiling water. You must then remove the jar in a cool place for a week, this water should be changed daily. After a week the rice will swell. It should be placed in a mortar and pound. Then, you should pour it in a mortar with water and stop, then wait a few minutes, when the extra particles will settle, and drain the white murky water in a new jar (this jar can not be sterilized). Importantly, the Bank did not get the settled particles, only muddy water.

This procedure should be repeated until the Bank is filled with muddy water until the end. After some time in this Bank will be affected by sediment – our powder. Now we must carefully drain the water, leaving residue. It should be filtered using paper napkins. The paper will remain white mass, it needs to be dry, it will take 12-16 hours. Dry the precipitate to sift through, it is possible to use a conventional nylon stocking.
That's all! The finished powder can be placed in a small jar of old cosmetics. The powder is applied preferably with a brush of natural cloth. The result is amazing. The complexion becomes smooth, no hint of Shine. This powder is completely harmless. In this way, you can get amazing powder, not spending money on it.