The differences between the drugs

"Viferon" is a modern immunomodulatory agents, which are vitamins b, C and E, as well as recombinant interferon entitled "alpha-2b". In combination with the antioxidant nutrients that are also part of the drug "Viferon" is a strong antiviral and immunostimulatory agent. "Genferon ®" has a similar composition, but differs from the "Viferon" the presence of benzocaine and taurine.

Benzocaine reduces the discomfort of urinary infections caused by the weakening of the immune system, taurine has antioxidant properties.

In addition, both drugs are slightly different release form, and purpose. So, "Viferon" is made in the form of gels, ointments and rectal suppositories while Genferon ® " can be used rectally and vaginally for women. The main purpose of "Viferon" is the treatment of diseases caused by viral infection or atypical/protozoa bacteria. "Genferon ®" is usually prescribed for diseases of the urinary system because it has strong antibacterial, immunomodulatory and antiviral properties.

Which drug is better

"Viferon" with the active the active substance in the form of a synthetic protein obtained in the laboratory and in full compliance with human interferon, protects cells and tissues of the body against aggressive influence of bacteria and viruses. This drug has shown excellent results in the treatment of various diseases caused by protozoa and atypical bacterial organisms showed resistance to other antimicrobial drugs. Traditionally, the "Viferon" is prescribed to patients suffering from a weakened immune system and the condition of chronic fatigue.

Today "Viferon" and "Genferon ® successfully used in the treatment of various sexually transmitted infections.

"Genferon ® is more effective and new anti-viral remedy that, in addition to the therapeutic component, also relieves pain, itching, and other symptoms of discomfort associated with diseases of the genitourinary system. "Genferon ® is successfully used for the treatment of cervical erosion, prostatitis, urethritis, bacterial vaginosis, genital herpes and other problems with urogenital area. Its improved formula, which includes benzocaine, relieves pain and allows you to be treated quickly and painlessly.