Before prescribing treatment, the doctor needs to make a differential diagnosis of the disease, which is carried out by assigning different studies based on patient complaints. Pulmonary fibrosis is manifested by shortness of breath, which is accompanied with frequent dry cough. Problems breathing while performing physical activity is the first stage in the development of the disease. Subsequently, the disease is evident at rest and may be accompanied by chest pain, and General weakness of the patient. Not to get pulmonary fibrosis, you must avoid diseases of the respiratory system, hypothermia and timely treat pneumonia, colds and bronchitis.

Pulmonary fibrosis leads to pulmonary emphysema and causes failure. In the bronchi start to occur inflammatory processes, and therefore patients eventually start sputum. With the stagnation of phlegm develop chronic pneumonia and bronchiectasis. Diagnosis of the disease is usually with x-rays.


Treatment of diffuse pulmonary fibrosis is based on getting rid of diseases, which provoked his appearance. Typically used conservative medical therapy. In some cases, the application of methods of folk medicine. For the treatment doctors prescribe expectorants mucolytic drugs that liquefy mucus and facilitate its removal from the body. For getting rid of the symptom of dyspnea can help bronhospazmolitikami medication. With a lack of blood circulation in the lungs prescribers from group of cardiac glycosides, and for getting rid of the symptoms of an allergic reaction prescribed drugs from the group of glucocorticoids. If the disease occurs as a result of pneumonia or bronchitis, and doctors should conduct antibacterial therapy with antibiotics.

Treatment may include therapeutic exercise. Some professionals prescribe physiotherapy with the use of chest compressions. Also improve the patient's condition on a regular hardening. The patient should avoid drinking alcohol and Smoking. Surgery is reserved in case of transfer of the disease to the late stage with the appearance of suppuration in the lungs and the formation of fibrosis and cirrhosis tissues.

For the treatment folk remedies the experts recommend eating beets, which is composed of a large number of vitamins and mineral salts, able positive impact on the healing of the tissues of the bronchi. Also from pulmonary fibrosis can be cured with a solution of milk and sage. In 1 glass of milk add a tablespoon of sage, and then the mixture is brought to a boil on a slow fire. Then the broth is cooled, filtered and again brought to the boil. The prepared mixture should be consumed before bedtime. Also positively on the healing of the bronchi is affected by the use of honey.