The choice of lip pencil

For many women the use of a lip liner is a must. Through this cosmetics one can adjust the natural shape of the lips, to make them more expressive. The contour, drawn in pencil, prevents the spreading of lipstick or gloss, make the makeup more resistant.

When you select the pencil in the shop you must first decide on its form, the thickness of the slate. Most convenient to use the average thickness of the slate. Manufacturers of cosmetic products produced as automatic pencils, whose body is made of plastic, and the usual wood.

Pencils in a wooden case more versatile. Outwardly, they look much more spectacular the automatic. If they are timely and properly sharpened, these pencils can draw lips very carefully. It is important that their body was made of wood soft wood, so that later no problems with sharpening.

When you select the pencil you need to pay attention to the softness of the stylus. Extremely solid lead creates difficulties in holding the line and can damage the delicate skin of the lips, and very soft pencil will leave a greasy and sloppy line. In addition, the circuit is designed in such a pencil, very quickly spread, doing make-up is unstable.

Makeup artists advise you to choose only high-quality pencils from well-known manufacturers. These products are very convenient to use. They have not only a decorative function, but also care for delicate skin of the lips.

Before making a purchase, inspect the body of the pencil. It should not be cracking and chipping. You should also check the expiration date. Cosmetic products with expired shelf life when used can cause allergies.

The color of the lip pencil

The lip pencil needs to be selected not only on its basic characteristics, but in color. Color it must match exactly or be a half-tone darker than the lipstick. In the second case, it is very important to blend the pencil to soften the clear line of the contour.

Colored pencil with a tiny mother of pearl particles are able to visually make the lips more voluminous. Qualitative cosmetic products of mother of pearl is almost not visible, but the effect of the use of such a pencil becomes noticeable immediately after application.

Not to pick up a pencil for every lipstick you can choose one universal shade. For example, if a woman uses lipstick, belonging to the beige colours, she can acquire the product in Nude and use it daily.

Lately it has become very fashionable to use the so-called transparent contour pencils for lips. Line left by them, almost not visible, but at the same time it performs its primary function of preventing the spreading of lipstick. These pencils are ideal for lip gloss.