The rules of the medical Commission

Before going to the kindergarten kid definitely needs to see several specialists. Based on their findings the doctor will write a conclusion about whether the child is fit to go to preschool or unfit.

To begin to undergo a medical examination, you need to determine what kind of kindergarten the child will attend. Next you need to address in policlinic in a residence. As a rule, the passage of the Commission oversees the particular specialist from the room of a healthy child. In its absence, you need to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician.

Specialist gets a medical card indicating the number of preschool institutions, which will visit the child. In the map it notes of all those professionals, which need to pass in the near future. The decision about what doctors should enter this list is made on the basis of the General provisions, and taking into account the child's age, his gender, diseases suffered by the baby earlier.

Specialist from the Cabinet of a healthy child is obliged to issue directions for tests. Your child will need to take the analysis feces, urine and blood. Forms with notes on the results of these studies give General paediatricians. In addition to referrals for testing, the physician should give directions for the inspection of narrow specialists, if necessary. If the entry to doctors without directions, you should immediately go to the reception area.

What doctors required to be

There is a certain list of doctors who need to pass mandatory. Among these specialists include a neurologist and a psychiatrist. To be examined by a neurologist directly into the children's clinic. To show a child psychiatrist, most likely, you will need to take him to a special institution.

Among the doctors who have to visit, includes optometrist and ENT. It is important that the baby had good vision and hearing. If there are any problems in this area of the child can guide treatment and further define a special group.

Before going to kindergarten must show the baby to the dentist and the surgeon. In addition, girls be sure to show the children's gynecologist, and boys - the urologist.

Specialists can guide the child for examination by other doctors, if earlier, the baby had a health problem in a certain area.

After the child will be a survey of all doctors, parents need to show his pediatrician and bring the admission card with the marks of the passage of doctors. On the basis of marks in the map and inspect the pediatrician concludes that, whether the child is fit to attend kindergarten or not.