What micellar water perfectly clean is different from other

Externally, this water has no differences from macellaro such popular brands like Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Uriage. The product of the "Garnier" also has no color and smell, since it includes no fragrances and dyes.

Moreover, the design of the bottle water Garnier somewhat similar to the design of the Sensibio from Bioderma. However, only in color. Apparently, it's a tactical move of the manufacturer.

The differences lie in the amount and composition of funds. If other brands care about the freedom of choice of its customers, offering them water in bottles of various sizes, Garnier decided on this account do not worry. Macellari this brand is available in shops only in one volume of 400 ml. This fact annoys some customers, and others, on the contrary, only be happy. The producer, as if consoling the unhappy women, proudly says on the packaging that the funds will be enough for 200 uses.

Produce this micellar water is not in France, as suggested by many women. Tool made in Poland, as indeed most products of brand "Garnier".

What part of micellar water perfectly clean

The manufacturer writes on the bottle that the product has a mild formula which will not harm even very sensitive skin. Maybe so, but the composition leaves much to be desired. Probably why he was written in English without a Russian decoding. This is another strategic marketing course "Garnier".

Translation of the part on Russian language, but there is the Internet, where you can climb for a breakdown of the ingredients. In the first place in the standing water, followed by gexilenglikole, disodium cocoamphodiacetate. However, we can stop and conclude that the composition is not so good.

Gexilenglikole, for example, has comedogenic properties. That is why owners of oily skin, care is needed to use this micellar. Disodium cocoamphodiacetate – carcinogen, but a relatively safe, if you can talk about the substance that can lead to cancer. After that, it becomes clear why this product has a low price. The manufacturer saved on safe ingredients.

However, many shoppers this composition is not very scary, since this water is in contact with the skin from the power for 2 minutes. Some women quickly wash off her makeup, and then immediately use a gel cleanser. They think nothing harmful to accumulate during this time the skin doesn't have time.

Micellar water Garnier: reviews

Judging by the numerous reviews, Garnier micellar water with its function copes very well. It is suitable for face, eyes and lips, removing makeup without excessive rubbing. Many women say that for removing makeup from the eyes with this water enough two cotton pads. As a rule, the same amount of leave and when the water is used with good composition, for example, from Bioderma. After use the water is perfectly clean and does not leave the skin feeling of tightness and stickiness. Summarizing, we can safely say that this product cleans well, but it is life-threatening.