Advice 1: How to make a doll with your own hands?

National Russian souvenir - matreshka - today you can buy almost any souvenir shop. However, it is not necessary to spend money because the doll can do it yourself. The most beautiful and unusual dolls out of clay and papier-mache.
How to make a doll with your own hands?

Matryoshka with his own hands from clay

In order to sculpt the doll of clay, it is not necessary to buy a special sculptural clay. You can take the usual stuff in any store with a stationery or school supplies.

So, you will need a few pieces of clay of different colors, a knife to cut it (usually it is sold along with the clay), wooden or plastic surface, teaspoon, matches. Make the body of dolls from the same large piece of clay.

To make the doll face, use an ordinary tea spoon, which in to make a small oval dent. Roll small white clay ball and place it in the middle of the resulting indentation. Then flatten the ball to make a smooth white oval. You don't have to compromise the integrity of the shape of your souvenir. With matches make holes for eyes dolls, which will become little balls of black clay.

You can also paint the dolls, using acrylic paints.

Matryoshka doll with their hands out paper

Papier-mache is one of the favorite types of crafts among people all ages, because the products it produces amazingly beautiful and even durable. Including dolls.

You need any soft paper that you will find at home. Perhaps do you have old Newspapers or wrapping paper after the recent holidays.

Prepare the paper work, tearing it into small pieces. Don't try to make them smooth – tear, as it will. Once the paper is ready, you can begin to work. For a form ideal salt shakers, glasses of beer, or jugs, which in form is similar to nesting dolls.

Pour into flat dishes PVA glue and dipped in the pieces of paper, glue them to your jar or glass. When you completely cover the workpiece, let the glue dry completely, to ensure that your product is not collapsed during removal. In order to remove the product from the mold, cut it into two pieces with a box knife, and then just glue the two pieces into one.

The last stage of making dolls from papier-mache – the most creative and interesting. Coat your doll primer, smooth sand paper and start painting. Paint you can use any, it is important not to limit your imagination and do not overdo it with patterns.

Advice 2 : How to make your own hands dolls

Matreshka – traditional Russian doll, which has long been associated with the Russian folk crafts, and dolls on any taste can be found today in any souvenir shop. You can make the doll your own hands – this toy will be especially valuable for you, and you will be able to make an unusual and original gift to friends and family. To make the doll manually, several techniques.
How to make your own hands dolls
If you decided to sculpt a doll out of clay, take the clay sculpture and a specially made cardboard template with which you will get smooth sides matryoshka. The pottery is set on the Potter's wheel, put the blank cardboard template and begin to rotate the circle. Thus, the irregularities smoothed out by the template, and you will only have to fill the extra hole in the clay.
Similarly, you can make a matryoshka of simple or sculptural clay. For ease of painting the finished dolls use talc or starch. Apply the powder for a clay or clay, and then cover the doll with latex paint. On top of latex paint, apply painted with acrylic.
Also the doll can be made in papier-mache. Take a soft paper – newspaper or packing, and Narva into small pieces. Then take the object, reminiscent of a matryoshka – a vase or a jug and start to form a paste over the pieces of paper, greasing them with white glue. Apply a few layers of paper, each layer promazyvaya glue. Wait until the glue dries, then gently remove the papier mache from the mold. To simplify the task you can cut the billet into two pieces, and then glue them. Flatten the surface of the nesting dolls putty and Prime it and then sand with fine sandpaper.
Another way to make the doll is to make it in a glass jar. Take a glass jar of a suitable size and then close it with a lid. Round canister shape from the clay sides and the head dolls, then dolapite its shape in the above-described technique of papier-mache. Grease the molds for dolls vaseline to the finished dried paper was well behind the form. Cover the finished matryoshka lacquer.
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