Description cockatoo

как игрыть с папугаем

Home to Kakadu is Sunny Australia, but in the post-Soviet space these parrots feel no worse. These birds memorable appearance, due to the unusual movable crest on the head, which blooms in the shape of a fan. The color of the feathers of cockatoo, black or white with pink, yellow, red or brown spots. The parrots themselves are pretty funny, as they have aristocratic data. They bow and cower to the music, easy to learn words and phrases, spreading showy crest, reproduce the various sounds and even whistling the verses of the songs. Cockatoos possess a technique of opening the trickiest of locks, they can remove the nuts and love to repeat the movement for the owner.

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These parrots are very affectionate, but require a lot of attention, make loud piercing screams that are not to everyone's liking. Cockatoos are very quickly become attached to their owners, so hard to tolerate separation from them. Live these majestic birds up to seventy years, so during this time you will be able to fully enjoy socializing with their pet.

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The content of a cockatoo at home

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For keeping cockatoos usually use metal cages of the four faces with a domed or flat top opening. It should be quite spacious, so the parrot was free to spread its wings. Inside the cage should be placed two cone-shaped perch is made of strong breeds of wood (beech, oak, maple or Apple). The perch is made of lime, aspen, birch and Rowan. The cage should be placed at the level of human growth, in the light of the room, but not close to the window. Never place the cage near the ceiling and near a radiator.

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One of the main conditions of detention cockatoo is purity in the cell. Dampness and dirt can cause different diseases in birds. Remove the cell from food residues, feces and feathers on a daily basis (at least, every other day). The drinker and feeder each day wash with hot water, wipe dry with a clean towel. Avoid the formation on the walls of troughs of mucus.

Sunlight is a necessary factor of the external environment and plays an important role in the lives of parrots. The light helps enhance the metabolic processes in the blood, boosts the immune system, increases the amount of phosphorus, calcium and hemoglobin levels. The optimum temperature for keeping a cockatoo is 18-20oC, a relative humidity level of 60-70%.

Food cockatoo

Proper nutrition plays an important role for the development and growth of parrots. The basis of food cockatoos are grain mixes that contain a lot of carbohydrates, vegetable esters, protein, vitamins and fiber. It is recommended to feed the birds corn-oat mixture. Rinse grain oats and corn, pour into a thermos and pour boiling water, keep for a few hours. Then drain excess water, the mixture is ready.

Pamper your pet with sprouted wheat grains that contain a lot of vitamins b and E. They are necessary for growth and timely moult. Soak the wheat in a pot with water and leave in a warm place. Through the day, the grain will swell. Carry out the process of germination in a warm place until the advent of the white sprouts. Be sure to rinse the sprouts under running water before use. Don't forget to give the parrot nuts (peanuts and hazelnuts), there should be no more than 15% in the grain mix.

The diet of parrots have to be berries, fruits and vegetables. After all, this is a great source of minerals and vitamins. To include in the menu Kakadu: sweet apples, apricots, bananas, grapes, cherries, peaches and pears. Vegetables can be given fresh carrots, cabbage and boiled potatoes. From the berries is better to choose: black currants, dried rose hips, hawthorn, gooseberry, the fruits of mountain ash.