To dishwasher can effectively cope with their work, it is necessary to use special tools. This cleaning composition, which helps to dissolve on the dishes the dirt, grease and spray for extra Shine, regenerating salt.

Is it worth saving the funds for dishwasher

At Thrifty Housewives the question immediately arises – how many of each tool will expend a dishwasher, is it possible some do. If the need to use cleaning compounds no doubt, on the advice of her trying to save – and quite wrong.
When hand washing dishes scrubbed with muscular effort. In machine work is performed due to the change of temperature regimes and chemical processes, water simply removes food residues and other dirt.

To have a clearer idea of what in the dishwasher it is necessary to use special chemicals, you can briefly see her work.

Pre-washing produce with clean water, warmed to 50oC. The main washing is conducted using detergents. To get a good quality washing and breaking machine for washing dishes, use only special tools.

Once completed, the main washing, the rinsing follows in which the dishes must be disposed of chemicals. Rinsing is performed for both practical and aesthetic purposes: deletes the traces of dried drops and the result is a shiny surface. To achieve this effect, apply a conditioner that contains surfactants which facilitate the rolling of the drops, releasing the tension of the water. Due to the content in the rinse detergents washed in the dishwasher, the dishes look brilliant.
To improve the quality of wash is also used a special salt. It helps to soften hard water.

Why is the use of rinse aid needed

Liquid rinse most manufacturers recommend certainly add to the car – it will completely remove detergent residues detergent and gives it Shine. Using it difficult to cope with such impurities, as, for example, the stains of lipstick or tea.

Plain water, even under pressure, not so effectively washes the dishes detergent. Washed with conditioner the glasses are totally transparent, the plates and cups and shining. Traces of water are eliminated completely.
The use of rinse aid creates on the surface of the dish a thin water-repellent film. For health it is completely harmless and the taste of food does not affect.