Revise their own behavior. Remember those cases when it is not your passivity allowed you to achieve what you deserve. To achieve more, you need to spend energy and take the initiative. When you understand that much in life depends on you, begin the transformation.
Forget about their own laziness. For truly active people, no excuses. If they want something, just work. While you complain of destiny, lying on the couch, more enterprising individuals are doing everything you can to change the surrounding reality for the better.
Become a more organized person. Think about why some people have more than others. Important here is the optimal allocation of time. Learn to separate the important from the unimportant, place your priorities in life. Be collected. Big things break down into smaller tasks. Do not delay the execution of a minor, but not time-consuming Affairs.
Remember that your activity to a large extent depends on the condition of your health. It's hard to be energetic if there are habits such as Smoking or alcoholism. Lack of exercise, insufficient sleep and unhealthy, heavy food is not conducive to the growth of the General activity of the individual. To change the situation, adjust the way of life. Exercise, eat more healthy food, spend time in the fresh air. You will find that your health will improve, rise up the overall tone and the strength for new achievements.
Take an active social position. More communicate with interesting people. Feel free to Express their own point of view. Take the initiative at work. Let them perceive you as a bright, enterprising person, it is not necessary to remain in the shadows. If you have any ideas, you don't need years to nurture them in yourself. Find a way to convey their thoughts to the leadership and to embody the ideas in life.
Be versatile man. If you are interested in many spheres of life, do not need to limit ourselves to any one by her side. Do not be afraid that you will not have enough time to work, and Hobbies. The more passionately you live, the less time it spends on unnecessary nonsense. And the overall performance is improved. Pay attention to their Hobbies and self-improvement.