Features electronic blood pressure monitors with the network adapter

Electronic blood pressure monitors are able to measure the pulse and pressure, so using a stethoscope is not necessary. Modern models have indicators of arrhythmia that signals the abnormal heart rhythm. Such devices have a memory function for recording the results, which helps to track the dynamics of pressure changes. Automatic sphygmomanometers provide the most accurate measurement.

Almost all electronic devices have the possibility of connecting the power adapter from the network, which saves costs for the batteries. For safe use of automatic tonometer power supply device must comply with all the requirements specified in the technical specifications of the device. It is recommended to buy a blood pressure monitor with adapter well-known manufacturers with a stock amperage to 800-1000 mA. When connecting the appliance to the mains the batteries to be removed do not have.

Choosing an electronic sphygmomanometer, need to pay attention to the cuff. It is desirable to have a locking metal ring that allows unassisted to wear it. To get the most accurate measurement results, you need to choose the devices in which the length of the pneumatic chambers of the cuff is at least 80% of the circumference of the hand. The width of the cuff should be approximately 40% of the arm circumference (12-14 cm).
For automatic electronic blood pressure monitors apply the cuff with one tube.

Additional functions of electronic blood pressure monitors

A electronic blood pressure monitors, working from the network equipped with additional features. Some models have the system automatically determine the level of air injection. Based on the individual characteristics of the human body, a blood pressure monitor can determine the level of pressure you want to pump up the cuff. Many models of electronic devices achieve a measurement accuracy achieved by the automatic analysis of three successive measurements. You can select the electronic blood pressure monitor with advanced functions (an indicator of arrhythmia, the memory diagnosis by the who scale, timer, calendar and clock).
Some electronic blood pressure monitors can connect to the printer.

To buy a blood pressure monitor with network adapter is necessary only in pharmacies or stores, suitable model can advise the seller. Passport to the product must be made in Russian, it should be stated that the device was clinically tested, and its accuracy corresponds to the reference mercury sphygmomanometer. Before buying you need to ask the seller to connect the device to the network and check his work.