As you know, my period come because of the falling level of hormones when the lining of the uterus peels off and starts bleeding. This happens in cases if conception has not occurred. If I got my period after the fertilization of the egg, we can assume that the same thing happens. But this decline of hormones is the first sign of miscarriage. Therefore, even when a small amount of vaginal bleeding you need to see a doctor. The sooner this is done, the higher the chance to save the child.

Why go monthly after conception?

Normal menstruation should cease as soon as pregnancy. But often you can find women who didn't know about the attack because the whole time they were menstruating. Such cases doctors often qualify as normal.

Often period after conception are due to too rapid changes of the body. This occurs when fertilization starts from the middle of the menstrual cycle. In this case, the fertilized egg simply does not have time to the start date of menstruation attaching to the right place, but because they are familiar pattern.

Monthly during pregnancy was also responsible for the insufficient amount of estrogen in the mother's blood. Today hormonal disorders in women is not uncommon, and because many of them know about his interesting position, only closer to 12 weeks.

Menstruation after conception can begin with the simultaneous maturation of two eggs, one of which is torn away with it. This case is fairly complex, but because it requires the observation of experts.

How to distinguish the period of pregnancy from the beginning of a miscarriage?

If the fact of pregnancy was confirmed, and spotting continue to go, you need to urgently run to the doctor. Anyway, call it. Even if it doesn't confirm a miscarriage during the examination chair and ultrasound, it is useful to take blood for definition of level of hormones and inflammatory processes.

Normal menstruation that occurs due to hormonal imbalance that can happen in a woman's body during the first months of pregnancy, minor and not accompanied by pain. If started spotting, accompanied by cramping pain in the abdomen, it may indicate early miscarriage and save the baby's life in this case can only call an ambulance, before the arrival which you want to take a horizontal position and to cease to make unnecessary movements.