Opportunities microflora

Biological film of microorganisms, comprising beneficial bacteria and covers about two hundred meters of the surface of the intestine. The bacteria absorbed from consumed food with all the nutrients and produce biologically active enzymes, vitamins, antibiotics and Immunostimulants. In addition, they are involved in the development of all the necessary amino acids and vitamins b and K, and also affect the gastrointestinal tract and formation of feces.

Of beneficial intestinal microflora is to the human body the perfect food raw materials.

Just in the gut is 70% of immune cells because the microflora provides the synthesis of substances necessary for the formation of antibodies. The microflora of the mucous membranes and the skin protects the person from the aggressive effects of pathogenic bacteria, destroying them, before entering the body. In addition to vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it is involved in the connection of lactic acid, carbon dioxide, alcohol and hydrogen. The microflora fights against pathogenic microflora, toxins and worms, and suppresses the growth of various pathogens of viral and fungal microorganisms.

Pathogenic microflora

Pathogens referred to as staph, strep, fungus and many other microorganisms that feed on decaying remains of fried and cooked food, is actively propagating it. Heat treatment destroys enzymes in the food that turns food into a poison that kills the beneficial microflora and replaces it with pathogenic bacteria.

The microflora can exist only if the consumption of raw plant foods, which is ideal raw material.

In addition, pathogenic microorganisms easily reigns over the useful microflora when taking various antibiotics and other drugs. The lack of beneficial intestinal bacteria leads to the fact that the body stops synthesizing vitamins and immunoglobulins, clean and not filters toxins. All metabolic processes necessary for normal human life, are violated, the germs enter the body and the person starts to get sick, to age rapidly and to die sooner. To avoid this, you need to include in your diet plenty of fresh, raw foods and limit the use of unnecessary drugs.