Should look like a fresh rose?

The first thing you should pay attention to when buying is the rose Bud, or rather its Foundation. If the Bud at the base of a dense and elastic – flower fresh, if it is not already hard enough – it's worth a try.

One of the obvious signs of freshness – the so-called "shirt" roses. It is the sepals, petals, located at the base of the Bud. They should be directed upwards, as if to "hug" the rose Bud.

Next you need to consider the sheets. From fresh flowers the leaves are thick, bright green saturated color. If the leaves are darkened and have already fallen flower is not fresh. A rose with no leaves on the bare stem means that the seller had removed them because they had completely wilted.

Then look at the stem. It needs to be the same thickness throughout its length. If the stem becomes thinner towards the Bud, then the rose will soon lower his head. Only flowers with a thick stem to the Bud can delight with its freshness longer than 10 days. Stem length on the resistance of roses is not affected. Roses grown in Russia, often have a thin stem, often longer keep the color and flavor than the recognized beauties with thick stems imported from Holland.

Tricks of sellers.

Should not be tempted by the price. A quality product is rarely cheap. Nobody will sell at a loss. Usually with discount for sale that unsold stock. This particularly applies to perishable goods such as flowers. Obviously, that rose is worth 30 rubles, because the seller managed to sell it for 100 when it was fresh.

Oddly enough, but it was stale roses are often sold at a higher price. That's what the sellers call "exclusive." Blue roses, roses with a gold or silver rim – not that other, as withered roses, painted by VITOCROSSAL. They may, and appreciate their uniqueness, but will crumble in a few hours.

Ready-made bouquets better to buy only from well known and trusted florists. Otherwise, ask for a bouquet in your presence as packaging and decorations sometimes masked stale roses.

And another important point: as you know, most "sales" days for florists is September 1, March 8 and February 14. These days roses are sold every 100 meters and are 2-3 times more expensive than any other day. Therefore, if you correctly choose fresh flowers in advance, you can not only enjoy their firmness and flavor, but also to save money!