You will need
  • shampoos for dogs;
  • - combs-combs with blunt teeth;
  • - bristle brushes;
  • - slicker;
  • - vitamin complexes;
  • - balanced feed for dogs.
Determine the cause of the poor condition of dog's coat. The most common are: frequent washing with chlorinated water using reactive shampoos, improper brushing, rare walking, unbalanced diet, keeping dogs in conditions of high temperature, infectious diseases.
как правильно давать витамины собаке
Ensure proper grooming of a pet. Wash it only when necessary, use good shampoos for dogs and special tools for certain breeds. Never use shampoos for humans, as their acidity is not suitable to the dog's skin.
не потерять собаку
Haired dogs brush bristle brush every day. For long-haired Pets, use a special comb, having the form of ridges with a rare and blunt teeth. Soft wool handle slicker once in two months, shedding more often. Small dogs have soft fur, which not only frequent brushing, but also to protect from bad weather waterproof coveralls. Regularly trim the dog or do the trimming. Care for a beard and mustache pet after feeding , wipe them with a cloth and brush. Smooth-coated breeds do not require such careful maintenance, but their fur needs to be brushed regularly with a stiff brush.
что делать если у собаки перхоть
Change the dog food. If the coat has become dull and skin is oily, add in the diet of vitamin A. If disrupted pigmentation, it shows the lack of copper or of fat. Redness and peeling of the skin, loss of hair indicate the lack of vitamins B2 and B3. Poor wool growth can be caused by insufficient amount of protein. Too much vitamins can also be harmful for your pet, for example, when the glut of calcium the coat becomes worse.
сонливость у собак при течке
Enter in the dog's diet unsaturated fatty acids in the form of various oils. For example, let's the animal in two tablespoons of olive or flax oil. To make up for the deficiency of vitamins, feed your pet fresh liver and kidney, eggs, give him a vitamin-rich fish oil. Add plain vitamin preparations: microvit, trivitamin, retinol. Don't make the menu from the remnants of dog food from your table. The best solution is feeding a special food premium - they contain all the necessary elements and vitamins for dogs.
Take the animal to the vet to check for infectious diseases. Such diseases can cause degradation of wool. Give the blood and urine of the dog, check for fleas or worms. Regularly take preventive measures against parasites, using a special tool from spring to autumn.