Select a place to land. BlackBerry likes fertile soil and plenty of sun, but absolutely can not tolerate strong winds.
It is best to plant blackberries in the spring. For planting, select healthy, robust seedlings. Better to buy from trusted people, because under the appearance of this fruit often sell the usual raspberries, increasing the price several times. Seedlings should look neat, they should be free of fractures and cracks.
For each seedling, dig a small but deep hole. The distance between them should be not less than 2 metres. Add fertilizer: half a liter of wood ashes, half a bucket of manure and 100 grams of superphosphate. During planting, ensure the soil was moist.
After landing you need to stamp down the earth gently and make watering. On top lightly sprinkle with peat or humus. Then you need to cut the stem. Using pruning shears, make this procedure so that on the Bush there are only 2-3 buds.
For BlackBerry need to properly care. At a distance of 15-20 cm from Bush hammer a peg and tie him to a sapling. Remember to water the plant. During normal weather mode BlackBerry only two buckets a week. In addition, each year it is necessary to feed the berry. On one Bush have about 7 buckets of manure and 50 grams of ammonium nitrate.