Mysterious coagulation

Coagulation is the process of clumping of solid particles at the moment of contact. This reaction may start due to natural collisions in Brownian motion of particles, and also under the influence of an electric field (electrocoagulation). Cause coagulation may also be mechanical effects (mixing, vibration, etc.).

In ordinary life, perhaps, and not thinking about it, we often observed coagulation. The process is easy to learn the increase of turbidity of the liquid and the appearance of precipitate or flocculent formations. Recall, for example, sour milk.

Coagulation in medicine and cosmetology

Modern medicine uses coagulation to treat certain vascular diseases. It can help to get rid of spider veins on the face and body, as well as to solve more serious problems. Darkening of certain vessels visible under the skin are dead capillaries that had long ago lost their original functions. To cure them it is impossible, but to get rid of them forever is even possible. With a laser, the doctor has a point impact on the damaged vessel, causing the reaction of coagulation. After some time, the vessel stick together and resolved. Cosmetic defect disappears.

In addition to spider veins and unsightly blue spider webs on the legs with the coagulation can you get rid of warts, moles and pappilon.

Coagulation in the industry

It should be noted that the coagulation process is a completely natural phenomenon and found in nature at every step. Do not think that man invented a new way to impact on the environment and the organism. The ability of some particles to stick together with others and to precipitate, many methods of obtaining industrial chemicals and cleaning. So, for example, to clear the water from some kinds of pollution, used coagulation method, starting in a system of particles connected with unwanted impurities. Small particles stick together and precipitate, which is easy to remove from the water.

Applied the coagulation reaction in the industrial production of rubber from latex, as well as to obtain butter.