Portable speaker system is designed primarily for portable portable devices like MP3 players, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., the Necessity of using portable speakers is associated with low ability of portable devices with high quality to play music files.

In this case, this speaker system allows you to enhance the multimedia abilities of the gadget, while maintaining its portability – portable speakers with ease-fits in purse, can operate off a battery without needing to connect to mains electricity at the time of playback, can be charged through USB and has good characteristics important for playing music.

More and more are developing wireless technology that allows you to play music without connecting the speakers to the device. Can be connected via Bluetooth, NFC and other wireless technologies. However, the portable speakers are not able to replace home landline speaker system.

Portable speakers will be a good addition to party outdoors, in the country, at a party or in any other premises where there is no possibility to use more powerful sound sources. The sound characteristics of portable speakers are behind the same from other systems, but wireless systems do not act as alternatives to conventional sound systems, but merely a Supplement to the existing portable device.


In electronics stores you can find plenty of options that will satisfy the requirements of most buyers. Key characteristics are the number of audio channels (bands AC), the presence of the equalizer, the reproduced frequency and the power of the subwoofer for reproduction of low frequencies. When you buy should pay attention to the type of food and duration of work without charging, connector for connection to the mains, a USB, battery type, the ability to install memory cards.

This will help you to use speakers, even if your portable device is already dead. Some models even it is possible to connect an additional hard disk or storage media based on USB technology. Depending on the features and additional features will vary and the price. The cost of portable sound sources starts from 300 RUB. per ordinary portable speakers and could exceed 20,000 p a full-fledged wireless portable audio system.