Tags in html

Tags in the html tool semantic (semantic) formatting, presentation and communication of information. Any tag must be located between characters: < and >. All html tags are understood by most current browsers. Standardization and creation of new tags is the international organization W3C - there you can learn about all existing html tags. Tags can only work within the "main" tag of the html document - HTML. The HEAD and BODY tags of the web page is divided into two logical parts. In HEAD can affect the page title (visible in browser tab), the BODY "responsible" for the entire semantic content of the page.

Single and paired tags

All html tags can be divided into pair and single. Single tags are used only when paired to use pointless. For example, a single is the BR tag, which represents the empty string. If you set this tag in the html code, you will be able to see in the browser a delimiter string. It is usually used to separate one group of information from another.

Paired tags are used to organize content. Text information, addresses, file references are placed between the P tags (paragraph text), IMG (image), A (hyperlink).

Tag attributes

Some tags have special attributes that affect the "behavior" element. Some tags modern html5 allow you to do without the previously necessary programming for the solution of common tasks.

For example, the FORM tag (the input field has a PLACEHOLDER attribute, which replaces the text field "test information" prompts. If a web developer wants the field to enter the name wasn't blank, and allowed a sample name, it can set the PLACEHOLDER attribute value "John DOE". Then in the text box for entering the name will display "Ivan Ivanov" - as long as the user does not put in this field the cursor. The inscription will be lost and he will be able to enter your name.

The link with CSS

A relatively new technology (compared to html) representation of websites is CSS. The abbreviation for CSS is "hiding" cascading style sheets. Before that, the webmasters used to separate the website into logical clear structure of the table (the TABLE tag). Now the creators of the site have the opportunity related to the presentation of the site (including the location of blocks) to place in a special style. css file. To connect stylesheet to an html document must specify the doubles tag LINK address of css file on the server.