The main difference from Bush pumpkins are vigorous that all Bush varieties are very precocious. From germination to maturity is 85-90 days.

Bush pumpkin - compact plants. They take up very little space in the beds. This is especially important for those who have land are small.

Such plants do not require the forming of a Bush. Fruits are formed at the base of the Bush, and not scatter around the garden. One plant can feed from 4 to 12 fruits.

Bush pumpkins give a small portion of the fruit 0.6-1 kg (although some can grow to 3kg and above). Such pumpkin is called batch, which is extremely convenient for example when the culinary preparation. They have the fruits plucked from the garden, you can immediately to eat. The taste of these varieties is excellent. They have bright orange, juicy, tender flesh and a lot of carotene.

Place the pumpkin cluster is not very much. They are planted under the scheme 70x70, in contrast to varieties with a long whip, which should be planted at least 1.5 m from each other.

The most popular varieties of this group: Gribovsky sectional189 (ethe variety is old, but always gives a guaranteed yield), Freckles, Smile, Summer (smells like vanilla), Amazon, Orange shrub, Gingerbread man, Baby and other new varieties.