What is a cadastral passport

Until March 2013 a document containing information about the property, a cadastral plan. After the entry into force of the Federal law 221-FZ "About the state cadastre of real estate" this document recognizes the cadastral passport, while the cadastral plan was only part of it, and not an independent document, as it was before. At the same time myself cadastral certificate and cadastral plan, in fact, are an extract from the state register of real estate.

In its content the cadastral passport to the apartment and plot are different. Cadastral passport to the apartment, which you can get in the territorial division of Rosreestr, specified by its cadastral number, floor, but which apartment is located, the address and purpose of the space. On the second sheet of the passport shows the floor plan and noted the location of the apartment.

Cadastral passport, which is issued for the land contains several sections. The first shows the main characteristics of the site, the second to his scheme at a given scale, the third – information about existing easements, restrictions and encumbrances, in the fourth diagram of certain parts of the site, if any.

The validity of the cadastral passport

According to the definition given in the law, the cadastral passport is only an extract from EGRP – Single State Register of Rights to immovable property and transactions with it. The validity of this statement can not be restricted, because it contains information and data relevant to the date specified in the cadastral passport as the date of issue. According to article 4 No. 221-FZ, the state real estate cadastre and USRR data is continuously updated as registration of transactions in the organs rosreestra. To request any legal or natural person which wants to receive relevant information about any property.

If you want to make a deal, for example, sell their apartment or land, to submit a cadastral passport for it in this case is not required – neither the old nor the new one, issued on the current date. It may be required only if transactions with this object of real estate cadastral passport was not given in bodies rosreestra. But such cases are the exception, because when placing it on the primary record you will in any case have applied to the package of documents about the transaction information about the object contained in the technical plan of the BTI or the cadastral plan of the plot.