Chanterelles are very good roasted and pickled, they make delicious caviar. These fungi have an important feature: they are never worm-eaten. Chanterelles can be used not only in culinary but also for medicinal purposes. For example, the undeniable value represents an alcohol tincture of these mushrooms.

Why chanterelles have healing qualities

As already mentioned, these mushrooms never gets the worms. The fact that chanterelles contain a unique substance – hiemanshu. Worms of all kinds, and insects, just do not stand. In addition, chinamania has the ability to destroy the shell of the eggs of the worms and tapeworms, due to which it can be used as an effective anthelmintic.
However, this substance is decomposed at high temperature. Therefore, as a vermifuge used chanterelles, heat-treated, and alcohol tincture of raw mushrooms.

Chanterelle mushrooms also contain substances that are beneficial to the liver and pancreas. In different sources there are allegations (although not confirmed) that these mushrooms can slow the development of certain types of malignant tumors and rid the body of radionuclides. So it is possible these fungi is necessary to include in the diet. Moreover, they have a very pleasant taste.

How to prepare and use alcohol tincture of chanterelles

If you want to use chanterelles as a vermifuge, take 2 full tablespoons washed and finely chopped (or minced) mushrooms, pour 150 millilitres of pure alcohol, stir, tightly cover the container with alcohol-mushroom mixture with foil or plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator. Insist remedy you need 2 weeks.
If you have no alcohol, can be used for the preparation of infusions vodka.

After this period, the tincture is ready for use. Consume daily before bedtime 1 teaspoon of pre-shaking the container for a month. As a result of such course of treatment you will relieve your body from ascarids, pinworms and other worms, parasites and their eggs. Note that this infusion cannot be taken for children, pregnant and lactating women. Also tincture of mushrooms chanterelles is contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular system.