The first is to define the notion of the word "remission". Called a remission period of chronic illness when the symptoms and signs of disease are reduced significantly or disappear altogether (the latter is called complete remission). The longer the disease does not manifest itself the longer the period of remission of the disease.

In what diseases may be in remission

Remission can be observed from people suffering from various chronic (persistent) diseases. It is also worth noting that remission are complete and incomplete: complete remission can be observed for many months or even years, and partial remission usually does not last more than 1-3 months and is a sign of impending disease exacerbation. During incomplete remission are usually saved all of the symptoms of the disease, with the exception of the symptoms less noticeable). If complete remission can remain disease signs – it is for this reason, doctors are assigned to maintenance therapy (the patient continues to take medication, but at a lower dosage).

Why is it so important remission

Normally doctors tend not to completely cure the patient and to achieve sustained remission. Many diseases are incurable, that is why, for the normal life of the patient, should reduce the symptoms that prevent a patient's life.
Doctors can not cause the beginning of remission – the emergence of this period in most cases depends on the body of the patient. There are times when, despite optimal medication doses, the patient never achieved remission, but on the contrary, there is a worsening of the disease.

Remission or recovery

Complete remission is sometimes is often confused with the complete recovery of the patient. You can verify the existence of a remission only after a period of exacerbation. Patients who are fortunate enough to achieve remission, it is only necessary to rejoice in the advent of such period and apply the recommended doses. Otherwise, remission can quickly end, to be replaced by another aggravation of the disease.

Interesting fact

The concept of remission does not apply to addicts, which reduce the dosage and frequency of drug use or stop to use them (with the exception of those cases when drug addicts are not treated in specialized medical institutions).