You will need
  • - Fresh milk — 4 cups
  • - White bread — 1 slice
  • - Corn starch — 1 tbsp
  • - Brown sugar— 1/4 Cup
  • - Cardamom — 1/2 tbsp
  • - Almonds (nuts) — 10 PCs.
Soak for two minutes almonds (or nuts) and clean it from the skin. Trim crust from bread, cut it on average pieces.
In a blender put the chopped bread cubes, add the cooked starch and pour half a glass of milk. Mix well to form a slurry.
Mix the almonds, sugar and cardamom. In deep pot pour three and a half cups of milk and boil.
Boil the milk for fifteen minutes on medium heat until it is evaporated to one third. Add to the pot the resulting slurry from the blender. Boil for five minutes. To add the final ingredients almonds, sugar and cardamom.
Mix well and boil for fifteen minutes. Drain the mixture in a glass bowl and put into the freezer for seven hours. After seven hours, the ice cream is ready.