To make this easy spring tomato salad you will need the following ingredients:

- two or three pieces of fresh red tomatoes (preferably hard);

two or three cloves of garlic;

- one head of onion (pickled) onions;

two or three small walnut;

- black pepper (a few pinches to taste);

- salt (a few pinches to taste);

- vegetable oil (can be replaced by corn or olive);

- parsley.

First you need to prepare the basis for the salad: onion cut into thin, even rings to separate each onion ring. Cut tomatoes into neat thin slices. For this salad are also important aesthetic component. And tomatoes and onions need to be approximately the same size.

After this we need to make the sauce: each head of garlic peel and grate or crush through the frog. Walnuts thoroughly grind and mix with crushed garlic and salt (you should get a pasty mass). To make the sauce you can in the blender — just to fill the peeled garlic and the nuts and grind everything together. The use of a blender will create a more homogeneous sauce.

Now you need to mix the vegetables with the sauce, but it should be done in a particular way: to make the tomato salad with walnut-garlic sauce looked unusual and decorated the table, spread it in the form of a pyramid with several layers of flat, and preferably a beautiful dish.

First you need a circle to put the largest circles of sliced tomatoes, pepper them, and to each add the walnut-garlic sauce. On top again put the slices of tomatoes, but those are of smaller diameter, again for each add sauce and pepper. The next layer of the salad consists of slices of tomatoes still smaller diameter. And so the procedure of forming the layers is repeated several times, until, until all of the sliced tomatoes will not be used.

When the tomatoes over, top with sprinkle them thinly sliced rings of onions so as to obtain a dense layer. Then pour the salad with a little oil (two or three tablespoons) and garnish with parsley. To give the salad to soak, leaving it in the fridge for a while (about 30-40 minutes). Then the salad can be served to the holiday table as a salad bowl and individual plates.