Work on the construction of a good quality base should be performed with strict adherence to technology. When concrete is prepared, filled into the form and dehydrated, the work is suspended until then, until it hardens. It is very important to wait time, to the Foundation could well grips – water and cement must react.

How much time harden Foundation

About a week later, when the concrete "sets", it acquires strength by approximately 70%. At the end of this period filled the Foundation you can start to carry out construction work. During the period of setting of concrete it is necessary to slightly moisten.
Hydration of concrete is carried out with the aim to support ongoing chemical processes. As a result of contact with water, the minerals that form the grains of cement become new education – hydrosilicates potassium.
The conversion process itself will last a long time, it can occur within a few years. But builders don't always wait so much.

To the erection of the buildings was carried out quite quickly, provided with a control period of concrete hardening, after which it will be subjected to rated load. For made in site conditions of concrete will settle and harden in natural conditions, this period is determined as equal to 28-30 days.

What is useful to know when working with concrete

For pouring the Foundation of the wall it is necessary to leave a small distance of about 30-40 inches, and a void to fill with sand. Do that to prevent accumulation of water around the Foundation walls, otherwise there is a risk of swelling of the earth in the winter time.

Sometimes for a longer period for curing of concrete. For example, in the construction of the dams, embankments, bridges and such structures are being built very slowly, so laid concrete it is possible to apply full load only after a long time.

During the solidification of the concrete for any structure, it should be remembered that after the test period, the long concrete continues to gain strength, though now much slower. In the calculation this time is not considered.
An additional set of strength after the time exceeding the prescribed setting time, can be considered as a guarantee of reliability of structures – concrete or reinforced concrete.

High temperature can accelerate chemical reaction occurring in the concrete. But keep in mind that with a very strong warming of the concrete dries too quickly and hardening stops. The reason is that encased in the concrete, the water will evaporate very rapidly, and the chemical reaction will not be carried out properly.