Unique visitor (also called the visitor with a unique IP address) is a person who visits the site for a certain period of time. If in the same period he will visit once more, that unique will not be considered.

But this notion has important features. A unique visitor is one user who visited the site from a particular computer having its own IP address. If you sit down at another computer and go to the same resource, then your visit will again be considered unique.

In addition, the visitor can be not only people. Search bots, spam bots, programs that simulate a real user, their visit is also considered unique. Speaking of mimicry, specialists mean the data that is taken into account by the counters established on the website: IP address, traffic source, browser, etc.

Counters (Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics) determine the number of unique visitors and their behavior: the number of pages viewed, the sequence in this view, time spent on site and other metrics.

Why website unique visitors?

The number of sites on the Internet is huge, but they can be classified according to the purpose. Some resources are for people and provide them with useful information, while others are meant to bring earnings to its owners. But in any case, a unique visitor will bring the website owner a huge favor advertisers, choosing a platform to promote their services, pay attention to attendance.

In the field of Internet advertising especially appreciated the number of unique visitors to the site, where such ads to be placed. The logic is simple: the more real visitors at the resource, the higher the probability that they will be interested in the ad.

How to attract unique visitors?

This problem can be solved in a fair or "grey" methods. In the first case is site promotion in search and social networks, organized its contextual advertising. In General, can be any honest method to attract the attention of users.

The "grey" method is artificial cheat the number of unique visitors. To increase the rate, you can programmatically or with the help of active advertising systems. Website traffic will increase nominally, but the real interest rises. So experts recommend to refrain from such practices.