Side effects from drinking strong tea

Very strong tea contains caffeine and tannin, which in large quantities cause insomnia, and headache. For the average person, the norm of consumption of caffeine should not exceed 300 mg per day. Tannin belongs to the category of anti-nutrients. This means that it prevents the penetration into the body of some nutrients, like calcium. That is why it is useful to add in tea with a little milk to the calcium in it, had to go to the body. On the other hand, milk contains casein, which deprives the helpful antioxidants in the tea.

One or two cups of tea a day can't hurt. But if you have a dependence on strong tea, then this number is not enough. And then harm him much more than good.

Much depends on the quality of tea. Some manufacturers intentionally ignore rules and are added to the tea special impurities which stain the tea and make it stronger. And be "strong" tea is especially harmful. Recognize the difference between the tinted and natural tea can, tea bag dipped in cold water. If the tea stains the water, it with harmful dyes.

Very strong tea in large quantities affects the skin, and it turns yellow.

From a large number of strong tea can be drunk. While there are headache, nausea, dizziness, pain in the abdomen, surrounding objects are perceived blurred, disturbed coordination of movements. The reason for this is that tea regulates the level of sugar in the blood. In moderation, the consumption of tea can prevent diabetes. Too much of tea causes the body to retain and limit sugar, and you're starting to run out.

In this case, you should stop to drink tea and eat or drink something to raise sugar levels. It can be ice cream, condensed milk, sweet biscuits or bread with butter.

If you are a lover of strong tea and like to drink it often, it is better to stick to one variety of tea and to ensure that the amount of brewed tea leaves does not exceed 20 grams per day.

Better to drink weak tea. It is much more useful sturdy in the long run.

The beneficial properties of tea

On the contrary, if you drink strong tea in small portions, then the benefits from it are huge. Strong tea gives a charge of vivacity and energy not worse than coffee. It is useful because it lowers high body temperature, eliminates the effect of toxins, nourishes lungs, clears mucous, stimulates urination, helps the body digest fats.

In addition, strong tea sober person in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Caffeine signals the kidneys that perform a cleansing function.