Boiling products is one of the prevention methods of salmonellosis

Salmonella affects people and animals. In humans, the disease can cause more than 700 varieties of this bacterium. The disease can cause serious effects: toxic shock, liver failure, cardiac failure acute, brain swelling, pneumonia, infections of the urinary and biliary tract.
When salmonellosis disturbed disturbed water-salt metabolism and the absorption of minerals, nutrients and vitamins, weakens the immune system.

Salmonellosis is a contagious disease. Its causative agent has high resistance to various changes in the external environment, exposure to chemical and physical factors. In food products these sticks are not only preserved, but also multiply. In water this wand stored up to 5 months in the soil up to 9 months, in a room dust - up to six months in dried feces of 4 years, in sausage products - 2-4 months frozen meat - 3-6 months, eggs - 3 months, in milk - up to 20 days, in butter - 9 months, the cheese - to the year, frozen fruits and vegetables - up to 2.5 months. When freezing Salmonella remain viable for a long time.

Smoking and salting could not kill Salmonella, but they die quickly in foods that contains acetic acid, lemon juice. These bacteria die at a temperature of +56оС 1-3 minutes, and boiling kills them instantaneously. During long-term storage of eggs (more than a month in the fridge), Salmonella penetrate through the intact eggshell and multiply rapidly in the yolk. To "neutralize" the egg, you need to cook it at least 5-10 minutes. Before you boil eggs, they need to be washed with soap and water. Salmonella present in the meat are killed when it is cooked only for 3.5 hours (a piece weighing 400 grams and thickness of 9 cm). The chicken should cook for at least an hour.
Cooked food needs to be warmed up for at least 10 minutes at a temperature of 75 ° C.

Other measures for the prevention of salmonellosis

For the prevention of Salmonella infection should avoid eating raw eggs, homemade mayonnaise, to which they belong. Not recommended there are boiled eggs, fried eggs, drink raw milk. The easiest and most effective way of preventing Salmonella – thorough hand-washing, handling cutting tools, especially after raw chicken, meat, egg products.

You cannot handle raw and cooked products. For cutting raw meat, fish need to use a separate knife and a separate cutting Board. After use they should be thoroughly washed and rinsed with boiling water. In summer it is necessary to avoid catering to questionable establishments. For the prevention of infectious complications after operations on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract patients should take the drug "alpha Normiks", which prevents infection with Salmonella and other microorganisms.