Decide on your desires and formulate goals. First, list, preferably on paper, about what you want and what you want to get. And now we have to isolate the list clear goals. Abstract work, for example, the success to anything does not lead because of confusion with the scope and the end result. Therefore it is necessary to set goals, which must be positive, that is, without the particle "not" specific and measurable so you can monitor their performance. For example, not just to succeed but to have a high position with a good salary.
Make a plan work. Try to break each goal is about 4-8 blocks – the steps to achieve it – and paint them on smaller items. You should clearly understand the path you are going to overcome that is to know what to do to get what you want. Besides volumetric goal, divided into several stages, it is much easier to master, because with small items you can handle and reach the result, even if initially a big task seemed overwhelming. For example, a healthy lifestyle in General can contain steps such as getting rid of bad habits, daily routine, proper nutrition, physical activity, and the last position is divided into specific schedule of exercises.
Motivate yourself. In order to achieve results in work, you must push the beginning. Motivation works as a driving force: encourages people to begin to deal with them, gives determination, passion stimulates, energizes, helps to overcome difficulties and eventually achieve its goal. There are many ways to motivate yourself: from simple daily affirmations and regular rest to concentration on the end result and compiling a list of achievements.
Work on yourself. After all our preparation, planning and motivation, you can begin immediate action. Prioritize and determine what you will do in the first place. Do not spray in every direction work only after finished with the previous one, that is, do not attempt to simultaneously learn a foreign language, speed reading, Latin dancing, swimming and driving. In a separate category, highlight those areas in which improvements should become a habit, such as home, appearance, health – they can and should intelligently combine diverse purposes, but do not load more than able to do.