Be sure to let your dog understand that during training it should do what you want. French bulldogs are generally very stubborn, so to get them to listen is not easy. But if you stop training and leave the dog alone every time she starts biting, to rest, to fall to the ground, etc., she will soon understand how to succeed and become unmanageable.
Not finish the training because she is tired of your dog. Continue to exercise as long as you deem it necessary to stop. To get a stubborn bulldog to listen to, you can use the contrast method of exposure. The dog must know that the result of disobedience will be punished, but if she is going to perform all which is required by the owner, will receive the award. The penalty can be any slight, but unpleasant for the dog exposure. For example, jerk the leash, easy kick, scream, etc Reward is usually a treat that the dog loves.
Start training with the simple commands: sit, lie down, stand, etc. Set realistic goals and don't stop until until you get them. During a workout, talk to the dog. If she does not listen to you, strictly prekretnici, but if doing everything right – go to the affectionate tone.
Use the "strict collar" or jerk the chain, if your French bulldog bad to train. While the dog does everything required of it, the chain hangs freely. However, if you stop listening bulldog, sharply pull chain. Such a breakthrough for dogs is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, and she will try not to repeat their mistakes, not to be punished again.
Ensure that punishments and rewards appropriate to the situation. For example, if the dog shows aggression, it deserves immediate and severe punishment, but for the error made when performing exercises, you can not punish all, but simply to repeat the exercise. If the bulldog team mastered and correctly executed it, then the reward will be a piece of cake. For obedience throughout the classes can reward not only treat, but also a game-range, kindness, etc.