Only talk about the temperature in school premises is not entirely true, because in the development of standards for air and thermal regime of educational institutions takes into account several factors:
- the presence of air and its intensity;
- relative humidity;
- the temperature of the air.

What is the optimal temperature and humidity conditions

Given the above parameters and studied their impact on the health of schoolchildren, scientists developed the optimal criteria for the various school facilities described in the "Sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms (SanPiN – 10).

Attention is directed to the area, the maximum flow of students passing per day through a Cabinet with ventilation. Totally unacceptable tightly sealed in the winter window, is made times a day, wet cleaning, as even under optimal temperature, but in violation of the humidity level, it creates comfortable for the child's body Wednesday.

Not permissible that the temperature in the school was determined by the mood of the administration, the employees heating, boiler servicing schools, or parents who taught the child to a higher temperature of the air in the room. The more that the temperature regime of each individual. Law for educational institutions is SanPiN, and can not be otherwise.

Requirements offices

In the offices of a small area, where they conduct individual work of a psychologist or a speech therapist, an optimum temperature of 18 to 24 degrees. The same is acceptable to the Assembly hall, foyer, library and dining room, where a large number of children and teachers sometimes, but not throughout the day.

In the workshops, where children are often engaged in physical labor, the temperature is slightly lower (17-20). The same rule applies to the sports hall where even recommended to keep open the transom during class, avoiding drafts. This rule applies if the temperature of outdoor air is higher than + 5. At low temperatures cross-ventilation is necessary to carry out between lessons.

If the school is equipped with the gym showers, the temperature should reach 22-25 degrees. In the sports changing rooms and a medical office 20-22.

During the holidays it is acceptable to reduce the temperature of the air in the school up to 15 degrees. To carry out continuous monitoring of temperature, you need all parts of the school to provide thermometers.

Humidity should not exceed the permissible limits of 40-60 %. To comply with these standards will help regular airing, which should be carried out at any time of the year. If the ambient temperature is below -10, it is enough through a 5-minute airing on the big change on a small and minute. Increasing temperatures increases the time of airing.

Compliance with these rules requires the regular performance on the part of the teacher, who may not always want to display the whole class in a small recess out of the office. And the school administration should during the summer repairs to ensure that the Windows or transoms were in working condition.