You first need to decide whether you have enough energy, time and money to provide your pet with adequate support and care. Perhaps the treatment of the cat will take years. If the problem cannot be resolve in a short time, veterinarians usually do not give hope to clients, believing that a long and tedious treatment unnecessary.

что делать с котом

Therefore, if you soberly assess their opportunities and made the choice in favor of treatment, put the vet know. Depending on the reason for which could happen paralysis of the hind legs, he will prescribe a plan and preparations for recovery on an individual basis.

анорексия у кошек

What can be done additionally.

Как усыпить больную кошку

Once a competent vet found and obtained the necessary requirements, the owner can accelerate the healing process, taking additional measures. To improve the condition of the cat will help massage. It should perform the light, but rather intensive movements. So the muscle will not have time to quickly atrophy. Massage should be done each day for five sessions lasting ten minutes.

Also with the cat it is necessary to conduct a kind of exercises to bend and straighten legs, to simulate motor activity in a lying position and standing. Paralyzed limbs will be useful for the activity "walking". To do this, under the belly of a cat missing towel and just pull it, causing the animal to move. If the paw of a cat is completely immobilized, you should move them with my hands.

It is not necessary to abandon water treatment. Even if the cat shows dissatisfaction. In the process of recovery swimming is a very effectively. Quite a few times a week to lower the animal into the water where he'd strained my legs trying to move them. In this case the cat should be supported.

Also the main treatment for paralyzed legs may be supplemented by training on the ball. Put the pet on the ball of the right size. The feet should touch the floor. Your task is to make the cat began to stretch his limbs to the floor. To do this, slowly roll the ball back and forth.

Eventually, when paralysis of the back legs will recede and it will return to sensitivity, try to tickle the cat behind the ear. Work the reflex, and it will attempt to reach the ear back foot to scratch it. This will also be a kind of training.

If the treatment was not effective.

It happens that all efforts remain without result. In this case, you can either euthanize the pet, or buy him a special wheelchair. Very soon the cat will learn to use this simple device and would not experience difficulty in movement.