You will need
  • - computer with Windows.
If your computer has multiple operating systems installed, but one of them you use much less, remove the launcher menu, it is possible in this way. Click on the icon "My computer" right-click. Then select "Properties" and go to the tab "advanced settings". In the window that appears, find the section "startup and recovery". In this section click on "Settings". Then the top of the window, click the arrow and select the operating system that will work by default.
Then locate the string "Display list of operating systems". In this row, clear the check box, and click OK. Close all Windows in each of them by clicking OK. Now the window with the selection options will not. Instead, it will boot your chosen operating system. If you need to return the window where you can select the OS options to boot, just back to put a check mark in the "Show OS selection".
If you need to use the second OS is rare, you do not have to return it every once in the download window. Just when you turn on the computer click F8 or F5. A window will appear where you can choose your desired operating system.
If you have only one operating system, then remove it boot can be that way. Click "Start". In the list of programs, select "All programs." Then open "Standard". In standard programs there is Command prompt. Run it, then enter the command msconfig.exe and press Enter. After a few seconds a window will appear "system Configuration".
Select the General tab. There is a section "start Options". In it find the line "Normal start". Mark this line. Then hit "Apply and OK". The window is closed and settings saved. Then restart the computer. The next time you start the operating system it should boot as usual.