Stage of development of the corpus luteum

Each yellow body with the normal functioning of the body passes through the following stages of development:
- multiplication of cells of the ruptured follicle that begins after ovulation;
- growth into the tissue of the blood vessels;
- increasing the yellow body up to two inches and the active development of them female hormones (estrogen and progesterone);
- scarring of the body and gradual transformation of it into a white body.

When the ovaries are working violations, formed functional, follicular, cysts of yellow body.

A follicular cyst is formed when there is rupture of the follicle with release of oocyte, and it is on the contrary, thickens and grows.

Luteum cyst occurs when period after ovulation the follicle is filled with fluid, instead of the cells of the corpus luteum. The size of the cyst can reach from two to seven inches in diameter. Cyst size up to three inches is called cystic yellow body.

Functional cysts develop symptoms and also disappears. The cause of the different cysts is a hormonal imbalance that can occur when taking hormonal medication, heavy physical and psychological stress, eating disorders and due to genital infections.

Danger cysts yellow body

Usually this disease does not care. To suspect that this cyst can be felt dragging pain in the abdomen or in violation of the menstrual cycle.

Pregnant women luteum cyst is diagnosed with ultrasound. In the early stages of this education is considered the norm, as the hormone produced by the cyst, helps to preserve pregnancy.

Risk of cyst complications that can occur during physical exertion, rapid sexual intercourse, or from the sudden movement. Cyst rupture is accompanied by profuse bleeding. At this point it is necessary to provide timely medical assistance.

Suspect rupture of the cyst can if there is a sudden abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

Treatment of cysts luteum

Treatment for hormonal contraceptives, which are selected after passing the blood test for hormones. All medicines are selected individually by a specialist.

Usually three months of treatment for complete disappearance of the disease. In the case where no medical treatment has positive results, is assigned to the surgical method. If the disease is severe, we recommend removal of the corpus luteum part of ovary or the complete removal of the ovary.