How to treat the bites of domestic dogs

The bites of domestic dogs are transferred and treated much easier than the wounds from the attacks of stray animals. This is because the probability of getting infected from vaccinated and healthy pet is very small. Conscientious owners monitor the dog's health, regularly consult with veterinarians and doing all the necessary vaccinations. If you are bitten by a pet, then treat the wound must be in accordance with the degree of its complexity.

You first need to stop the bleeding, if present. This is accomplished by using a tight bandage from the bandage. If the wound is not too deep, to stop the bleeding you can, pushing down on the damaged area with your finger. Once the blood stops oozing, the wound must be carefully treated with hydrogen peroxide or any antiseptic. Previously, the damaged area should be rinsed with clean water. After all these procedures the bite is treated by antibiotic ointment and tabinoyado. Please note that the bandage should be changed regularly, and when there is inflammation, it is better to consult a doctor.

Lacerations from bites

If the result of the bite formed laceration, regardless of the fact you attacked a pet or a street dog, a trip to the doctor will have to implement the required. It is likely that you have stitches and carry out additional measures of treatment.

First aid for lacerations is performed on the same principle as in stab. First, the affected area is washed, then treated with hydrogen peroxide and tabinoyado. The problem may occur with the stop the blood, so in some cases it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Features of dog bites

Even if you are confident in the health of the dog that bit you, it is better to seek help from a specialist. The fact that the teeth even Pets can accumulate a lot of harmful bacteria, which cause the most dangerous infections. The doctor prescribes special treatment on the basis of antibiotics. The most common means of prevention of infection are injection. It is important to remember that homeless animals can be carriers of rabies, and by their appearance, they can look perfectly healthy.

If man attacks too aggressive dog or several animals, in this case not only a serious and prolonged treatment and hospitalization. After the massive attacks as soon as possible to call an ambulance to the victim.

Traditional methods

All wounds t dog bites it is better treated with solution of brilliant green or iodine. Within a few days after the injury, take vitamin C. in addition, to relieve the pain and help the wound zazhityh fast is possible by means of traditional methods. For example, dressing with crushed leaves of aloe, or a mixture of walnuts, onion and honey.