A sharp increase in external magnetic field - for example, when the magnetic storm - negatively affects the well-being. But it is much worse, as shown by tests, a chronic shortage of magnetic fields.

This syndrome was first researched Japanese scholar Nakagawa. The main symptoms are weakness, fatigue, reduced efficiency, sleep disturbances, headaches, pain in the joints and spine, pathology of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, digestive disorders, gynecological dysfunction and.

So, the first astronauts after returning to Earth found osteoporosis and depression. As soon as the spacecraft began to use an artificial magnetic field, such phenomena have almost disappeared.

Much of the history

Magnets for therapeutic purposes has been used in China in the twentieth century BC Avicenna treated magnet diseases of the liver and spleen. Paracelsus used magnets for bleeding and fractures. They say that Cleopatra to preserve youth wore a magnetic bracelet. Magnetic therapy is also used the personal physician of Queen Elizabeth I William Gilbert and the famous 18th century doctor Franz Mesmer used to treat chronic pain, colic, gout, mental disorders.

A modern approach

In Russia magnetotherapy methods of treatment recognized by the medical profession. Magnetic therapy today is an area of medicine that uses the influence of the magnetic field for the treatment of diseases. In medical institutions there are a variety of devices with magnetic properties. Depending on the goals and objectives for human therapeutic purposes effect of different magnetic fields: a constant, variable, pulsating, revolving.

The range of applications

The magnetic field affects the processes of inhibition in the spinal cord and brain. Headaches and depression, improves oxygen delivery to the tissues, the functioning of all organs.

The most sensitive to the magnetic field, the blood, the nervous and endocrine systems, heart and blood vessels. Magnetoterapia improves the elasticity of blood vessels, increases blood flow and expands the system of capillaries. There is a normalization of sleep and health in General.

Using magnetic therapy to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system (especially arthritis). There is a more rapid relief of the inflammatory and pain, reduce swelling, restore mobility. This method can be used for prevention. Magnetic therapy is used for healing wounds. Also helps with migraines, headaches, fatigue, depression.

Mass market

Magnetic jewellery combines beauty and health. She has a permanent therapeutic effect on the body as a whole.

The human body is a zone where the action of the magnets is most effective is the wrist, neck, feet.

Popularity also enjoys charged magnets, structured water. It revitalises the body, eliminates toxins, cleans the intestines. Independently it is possible to prepare with a magnetic wand.


Self-treatment with magnets can cause negative reactions in the body. Watch your health and be sure to consult with your doctor, especially that treatment with magnets does not fit all. Because each human body is different.

Also magnetic therapy has contraindications. It's infectious diseases, diseases of the blood and Central nervous system, thrombosis, cardiovascular failure, heart attack, cancer, malnutrition, tuberculosis in the active stage, fever, gangrene, presence of pacemakers, pregnancy.

Magnetic jewellery should be worn, starting with a few hours tracking their condition.