Description Ipomoea luniverse

Whole plant leaves have arrow-shaped endings at the base. They are arranged alternately on long petioles, robust enough twisted stems. This plant can climb almost any prop. Exquisite Corolla of the flower is exquisitely formed by fused petals. The fruit is a morning glory seed pods.

Useful properties

The tubers are rich in unusual plants biologically active substances. Often they are used in food. The taste they resemble frozen sweet potatoes. Today, for medicinal purposes, the morning glory is not used.

Thanks to the lovely graceful stems, Moonflower, it perfectly obscures the terrace, hiding certain areas from direct sunlight. However, such hedges can take many forms. Morning glory helps to decorate the trees, which can not be removed. With a sufficient amount of land "moon flower" can be grown at home on loggias and balconies.

Growing Moonflower

Reproduction morning glory seeds can be carried out. To do this, they are planted in the spring in the ground. To achieve early flowering pre-grown seedlings. It is worth considering that the plant is hard enough to tolerate a transplant. In the culture of the morning glory is undemanding to soils and unpretentious. Liana is developing well and growing in open Sunny places. For regular and abundant flowering, experts recommend to systematically carry out the fertilization.

Excellent vine requires fairly intense lighting, if it is grown at home. On the site it develops perfectly outdoors. Some varieties of plants require the protection from the wind. This flower is not demanding to soils. It perfectly grows on almost all substrates, but prefers loose and nutritious. For the optimal formation shape the vine needs a solid vertical support.

When growing Moonflower should not forget about adequate watering and regular weeding. The plant does not tolerate strong standing water on the flower bed or plot. During the period of active growth and flowering morning glory is in dire need of feeding. However, excess fertilizer, flowering becomes sparse, increasing solely the green mass of leaves. Various diseases and pests the plant is not terrible.