Food animals

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In the animal world there are different food chains. There are species that use exclusively plant-based diet, they are herbivores. For example, the usual diet of the jackrabbit is juicy grass, shoots of plants and the bark of trees. Bees feed on pollen and nectar from the flowers.

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Predatory animals, which include wolves, tigers, lions, owls, and even ladybugs in the process of hunting for live prey get their food. Food for predators can serve large mammals, rodents, and various small animals, bird eggs, carrion.

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Is in the nature and these animals that eat plant food along with other meats. Why they are called omnivores.

What animals are omnivores?

Brown bear in the warmer time of the year is in the forest for various edible fruits, berries, nuts. But a scant vegetable diet insufficient for him, he doesn't mind supplemented by small rodents, some insects, eggs of birds. After the winter sleep the bear wakes up skinny and hungry, and plant foods is still very small, so he is forced to play the role of a predator, attacking deer and livestock.

Wild boars have a varied menu, eating fruits, seeds and stems of plants, their roots, mushrooms, nuts, bulbs, lichens. They are also not averse to eat small rodents, worms, snakes, frogs, snails, insect larvae, lizards. Very hard to survive the boars in the winter. They are looking for food under the snow, surveying the fields and orchards. In the summer of the wild pigs love to swim in the waters, well and fast.

Hedgehog in the winter time falling asleep, getting comfortable in pre-cooked in the ground nest. If he cannot afford an adequate supply of fat may not survive until spring. Usually in April the hedgehog is selected from their shelter. At this time he is really hungry, eaten food equal to 1/3 the weight of the animal. It feeds on fruits, berries, acorns and mushrooms. It is not surprising, but hedgehogs run fast, swim well and climb trees. This helps them to forage for earthworms, slugs, insects and their larvae, snails, kusakov. At home, hedgehogs do not refuse from meat, bread and eggs.

Badger lives in a hole in the winter period hibernating. He is active at night, hunting for frogs, earthworms, insects, lizards, birds, and small rodents. Eat nuts, mushrooms, grass and ripe berries. By the fall of nice's cramming and storing fat that helps to survive the winter.

In addition to omnivorous animals also include cockroaches, chimpanzees, ostriches, raccoons-poloskun, cranes, giant lizards, warthogs.