Flights confidently entered the lives of the people, and for experienced travelers even become part of it. Many of the passengers have sufficient funds to buy a plane ticket, but I'm afraid to fly. For people flying is a serious test of nerves for a few hours. This condition is quite normal, and the fear of flying is not a mental illness.

You should just remember that the plane is one of the safest modes of transport in the world. Civil aviation in the modern sense of the order of a hundred years. Prior to this, aircraft were designed not to travel, and in the commercial and military purposes.

How often feed the aircraft

It can be assumed that a large part of the population at least once in his life, but the planes fly. Active travelers and passengers know that once the aircraft is gaining desired height for safe flight (11 miles), after about 20 minutes the flight attendants are beginning to offer cold drinks. Another 10-15 minutes later, the crew offers to choose food. Usually in Russian and international airlines a choice of chicken, meat or fish with vegetables.

How many times passengers will be fed depends on the time of flight. So, if the flight lasts for 3-4 hours once a full lunch or Breakfast main dish, mini-salad, sandwich (separate the oil, the bun, sausages) and sweet. Accordingly, if the flight is long, then the feed will be several times depending on the time of day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Food on night flights are usually in the form of snacks.

What determines the quality of the food

Many of the passengers on forums complaining about the power, say, airplanes food, worse than school cafeteria. However, it is understood that the quality of food largely depends on the airline, class of ticket (economy, business, first), the country of origin of the aircraft (loads food aboard the side where the overhang). For example, it is useless to require the flight attendants tomato juice, departing from Egypt.

Among the domestic companies in the economy class the food is worthy of the airline UTair. Drinks are poured as much as usually ask the passengers, the food is often tasty and hot. With the larger and more expensive domestic carriers Transaero and Aeroflot food, unlike aircraft, are not much different from the budget of Russian companies that unclear and unpleasant.

By the way, not all European carriers decent food. In particular, KLM on flights approximately 2 hours of power offers only snacks and drinks. Lufthansa holds and the service and food at a decent level.

It is important to remember that, even if the power did not need to argue with the crew. First: to cook a meal - not their responsibility, secondly, the taste preferences are different, thirdly: good manners, even if something is not liked, the Board has not been canceled.