Sweet dish made with puff pastry

Purchased puff pastry is a huge scope for the implementation of culinary skills at home. Particularly good it turns out sweet pastries. A few simple recipes will help to diversify the table loved ones and make them happy with delicious sweets.

First of all, puff pastry is ideal for baking pies with various fillings. For the filling will suit roasted walnuts mixed with condensed milk, various fruits, sliced and sprinkled with sugar, jams and so on. Puff pastry is divided into several layers and cut into squares. In the middle of each expanded prepared the filling and formed the Patty by careful zasypaniya edges. The product you must lubricate the top with egg to eliminate the shedding of the dough during baking and give a Golden hue.

Very tasty cookies made from puff pastry. To do this, again a layer of dough is divided into several layers, greased with butter, sprinkle with sugar and connected again. Then with a knife cut future the cookies are baked. And if you just bake the sheets of dough in the oven, and then fluff with a sweet cream and connect, you will get a delicious cake similar to the well-known "Napoleon".

Snack cakes

Apart from the sweet dishes of puff dough you can bake a variety of eateries products with rich fillings. Toppings can be strongly diversified and at the end to get a completely different flavour combinations. The principle of the preparation of such baked tartlets of puff pastry are quite simple. The dough is divided into layers and cut into equal squares. The center filling is placed and the corners of the pinch in the center of the product, leaving the exposed areas. This method of formation in the process allows to obtain a very beautiful product, resembling a half-opened flower. To prepare the filling, take different combinations of ingredients: vegetables, boiled eggs, onions, and more. To bundle the products, so that the filling does not spill, in most cases, add grated cheese. On top of this product before baking is also coated with beaten egg.

And yeast puff pastry you can cook a pot pie. To do this, the dough is divided into two layers. One is smeared with mayonnaise and ketchup, smooth layers converts the existing filling, the top is covered with the second layer of dough and pinch the edges. The cake is pierced in several places with a fork and baked.