How to relieve the itching from stinging nettle in the home

If the child is obsticals nettles in the yard, to relieve the itching can be quite fast. The necessary tools every home owner in the kitchen.

The most proven remedy in this case is a slurry of equal proportions of baking soda and water. Solution it is necessary to treat the affected area and repeat the procedure after some time if the itch does not pass. Baking soda you can substitute regular salt.
Burns from a nettle is not only unpleasant itching, but also a real stress for the child. Try to calm the baby and as soon as possible take the necessary measures.

If you have any type of clay, this tool can also be used to eliminate itching from the nettles. A piece of clay of mass apply to the burn and secure with a bandage or tape. Gradually the discomfort will cease. You can even use cosmetic clay, which is used by women for masks and wraps.

To relieve the itching and help wipe a small amount of Apple cider vinegar. Just soak a cotton pad in the solution and lightly lubricate the burned area of the skin. After a few seconds the child will feel much better.

If nothing

To abstractica nettles child can away from home. For example, if you go camping or just walking in the Park. To relieve the itching in such conditions very easily. Take a little earth from the roots of the plants and slightly moisten it. The resulting mixture wipe the affected area and leave until dry. After the pain subsides, rinse the ground with water.
Water is not able to relieve the itching from stinging nettles. Rinsing in this case is not effective. In addition, water can only intensify the discomfort.

Take a look around. Good helpers to fight with nettle itching are sorrel and plantain. The leaves of these plants must be carefully knead, to drain the juice, and then applied to the burn. Can be lightly rubbed or pressure on the affected area of the skin, if itching is very strong, or there were abundant redness.

Tools from the chest

If you have on hand first aid kit, to cope with itching from the nettles will be much easier. Itching can be removed with ointment Menovazin, solution of boric acid and camphor mixture.

If your child obsticals nettles, do not panic. The fact that experts believe the juice of this plant is not only hazardous for health but also useful. This does not mean that it is necessary to especially touch the nettle and burns. However, if the baby became acquainted with this plant, just help him to cope with the itching and provide moral support.

If the burn from the nettles, accompanied by extreme redness of the skin and on its surface there was a lot of bubbles, in addition to the means to eliminate itching, it is best to take any Allergy medications. If the redness does not go away within a few hours, it is best to consult a doctor.