Spain or Greece: city streets or rural simplicity?

And Spain, Greece is a great country for a beach holiday. Warm sea and gold coast will help you to relax, unwind from the cold and restore health. However, depending on the selected countries, behind you will have different landscapes.

The best Greek beaches are located on Islands, which number more than 200. The most popular are Crete, Rhodes, Corfu does not have large coastal cities. The island life is in the villages. A small settlement located along the coastlines, offering tourists peaceful and relaxing stay. Promotes the latest and special attitude of the locals: you will always come to help, will help you choose the most delicious wine and meat.

Another thing – the coastline of Spain. Great popular is also the rest of the island. However, the Canaries and the Balearics, and Mallorca do not consist of villages, and medieval towns. Here you can easily get lost in the narrow streets, literally soaked in historical spirit.

Thus, choosing between Spain and Greece, decide what is closer to you. If you want to spend your vacation as close to nature - go to Greece. In Spain you'll find more urban reception.

Entertainment and night life

Compare Spain and Greece, in terms of historical sights - useless. Both countries have many cultural values and sightseeing spots. More interesting and important for selection are the opportunities to have fun and hang out for real.

The holidays, various festivals, exhibitions and street performances more famous for Spain. In the same country is more developed nightlife: lots of clubs, restaurants, bars work almost around the clock. Particularly popular and the world is well-known Ibiza.

In Greece to combine beach and night stay will be much more difficult. In General, cultural life is concentrated on the mainland, not far from the big cities. However, the interesting sights can be found on Islands, for example Crete. Especially popular with young people using the resort of Malia.

The child's question

Reviews of family travelers is clear: in Spain children's infrastructure is much better than in Greece. Numerous playgrounds, parks and attractions will make children's holidays unforgettable. And for the children you can not worry: on the grounds set recommended age limit.

In Greece, babies are treated with love. However, for the amusement is much smaller and the grounds are minimalist. Standard set: a small slide, a swing, and a simple carousel.

Thus, if your child likes to spend time actively and in awe of the large gaming complexes, the best choice for relax in Spain. If the kid is inclined to enjoy outdoor games and picking in the sand or the study of vegetation – feel free to choose Greece. In both countries will be happy for you and baby: at restaurants will always offer a special menu and highchair.