Today, more and more employers want to know not only about the professional qualities of the employee whom they plan to employ, but also about his Hobbies. Hobbies can say a lot about the character, and to work with people who are passionate about football or stamp collecting, it is easier than those who do not have any points of contact. However, some activities may scare off a potential boss.

What Hobbies will play in your favor

The first step is to specify the Hobbies related to the position for which you are applying. The sales Manager might mention that leisure is read books on the psychology of interpersonal relations, teacher – to specify that in the evening watching popular science films, a designer creates his own comic book. The vast majority of employers will love that his employee in his spare time learning a foreign language or is engaged in any sport. If you are not too athletic, can get rid of vague wording about that are addicted to a healthy lifestyle.

Hobby for creative people

Companies who are seeking creative employee, can pay attention to quite an exotic hobby. Origami, the content of a reptile house, Japanese dancing with fans, learning ancient tongues such things to give you an extraordinary person, and if you need such, you will pay attention.

Diligent, disciplined, responsible

Some Hobbies can tell about the qualities of the applicant. The man, whose hobby is chess, smart and diligent, able to build strategy and move to victory. The game has an analytical thinking. Even such a common hobby, like gardening, can give a point in your favor. After all, to grow flowers, you must be attentive and patient.

Than it is better to remain silent

Of course, what you do in your free time is your personal matter, but some things are better to remain silent during the interview. The employer is unlikely to appeal to the candidate who loves extreme sports. Suddenly on the eve of the deadline you break your leg during kayaking. The passionate commitment of the various spiritual practices is also better to remain silent – in the case of divergence of views on the world, chances are that you will be denied. About the collection of glasses collected at the urban café, not worth mentioning.

Describing his hobby, do not overdo it. Limit yourself to one or two lines, otherwise the employer may waver, but do you have enough time to work.