If conditions permit and the volume of lactation, breast milk is possible and even necessary to collect and freeze. There are several reasons: it can always help you in case you need to leave for a long time; if you need to take medication incompatible with breastfeeding; if you decide to go to work. Properly collected and frozen milk can be stored in the freezer for about 6 months. Some women who have too much milk, take it to a milk Bank. Then the conditions of collecting and storing milk can be more rigid. All detailed information on this matter can be obtained in the hospital.

Thawed milk can have an unpleasant soapy or metallic smell. It can also delaminate during storage. Do not worry - it is not lost. Just shake well the container and milk is smooth.

How to collect milk for storage

Before pumping, you must carefully wash your hands. Dishes, which will be collected milk should be sterilized. For frozen milk, use a glass bottle, a plastic container, does not contain bisphenol a, the plastic bag or tray. The milk can be pumped using a breast pump or manually. Breast pumps are convenient because using the adapter can directly attach the storage container. If you decant milk manually, it is easiest to use special package. It holds one dose of milk, which is very convenient for feeding, and the collection process lets you collect all the drops to one. Do not fill the reservoir up to the edge. It is best to score 2/3 or 3/4 of the container, so freezing the liquid increases in size. Hermetically close the container. Write the date of collection in pencil and immediately place in the freezer. Better to put the containers of milk into the chamber, where the temperature is low.

Periods of storage

Combined refrigerator with integrated freezer: milk is stored in the built-in camera about 1 month. Freezer adjacent to the refrigerator with its own door (top/bottom placement or a "side by side"): the shelf life of milk for about 6 months. Freestanding freezer: if the freezer is not subjected to thawing, the milk can be stored up to 1 year.

Thawed milk can be stored in the refrigerator for another 24 hours. However, the remaining milk after feeding shall not be stored. It must pour.

Thawing breast milk

Breast milk can be thawed on a shelf in the fridge in a container of warm water or under warm running water. In the refrigerator the milk is defrosted for a few hours. Remember the dates and do everything in advance. If you decide to defrost milk in warm water, do not forget to change the water as soon as it cools down. Under the stream of warm water from the tap milk can thaw faster just. Never defrost breast milk in the microwave - it will destroy all the beneficial properties. Also in the microwave cannot heat capacity evenly, so there is a risk to burn baby.