General information

Astigmatism is a pathological refraction, radically violating the sphericity of the cornea. In broad terms, this disease can be defined as the distortion of objects that a person sees around him. All pictures become cloudy, and the points they turn to the segments. Ill see people can both at close and far distances. Complications occur, visible objects can not be true. For example, a circle may appear an oval, a square circle, and some objects are absolutely indistinguishable.

Causes and diagnosis of astigmatism

Astigmatism can be congenital or acquired. Most often this disease occurs at birth. In most cases, the defect is not practically makes itself known to a certain degree of development. Sometimes the astigmatism has no effect on vigilance of the person. The disease manifests itself in the deterioration of visibility of the contours of objects.

To diagnose astigmatism help additional symptoms. Even if vision is not deteriorating, headaches, and my eyes start to get tired quickly with minimal stress. On examination, the doctor examines the eye condition of the cornea and lens. Violation of their forms indicates the presence of astigmatism.

During examination of the patient necessarily carried out two procedures – conduct of skiascopy and monitoring the dilation of the pupils with the help of the drug atropine. Based on analyses, the doctor makes a diagnosis and selects the appropriate method of treatment.

Theoretically astigmatism have with each person. The difference is that in some people it develops, and the other is always at the same level and does not affect the General condition or vision.

The treatment of astigmatism

Astigmatism can be corrected in several ways – correction with the help of special glasses, contact lenses or surgical method. In modern medicine widely used method of laser vision correction, which in some cases assigned to specialists and astigmatism.

In any case it is not necessary to try to get rid of the astigmatism. Known cases when parents are picking up points for their children, guided by the conclusion that the child has normal myopia. His flippant attitude and the child's body can cause serious consequences. Glasses and lenses with astigmatic lenses often cause dizziness. This effect is not incidental, it is a natural process of habituation.

The effects of astigmatism

If astigmatism is not cured on time, the person's vision will deteriorate rapidly. It is worth noting that measures of vision correction is best done at the first symptoms of the disease. In childhood most often used glasses with astigmatic lenses, older lenses. In the presence of complications use laser or surgical correction.

The child should regularly be brought to the doctor, optometrist. If you do not notice the astigmatism, it can greatly hurt the child's body. In some cases, this disease becomes the cause of "lazy eye", a severe inflammation of the cornea and strabismus.