The game "brain-ring" is great for students grades 5-11. It includes both competition and teamwork, stimulates thinking in extreme situations. The game can be focused on General knowledge and knowledge of certain subjects (mathematics, history, computer science, etc.).

Venue – the Assembly hall. The gym can accommodate more participants and spectators, but the constant echo will interfere with the players to hear the presenter and to understand the question.

The props needed for the event:

- two desks with chairs on the perimeter for teams;
- the chairs for the teams waiting to play and spectators;
- tablecloths of different colors;
- brain-machine that can collect the boys on the lessons of labour, or table lamp to match the tablecloths;
- questions that you can find online or make yourself;
- plaques for scoring;
balls or cards with numbers for a lottery.
- prizes and certificates.

Game rules:

All participants are divided into teams of six people each. The team captains are involved in the draw to determine the order of entry into the intellectual battle. The tables seated two teams.

Moderator reads the question, the alarm rings the Gong, the teams begin the discussion. The maximum time meeting players – 60 seconds. When the team is ready to answer, she presses the signal button brain-installing or lamp.

If the team gives the correct answer, she earns one point. If not, then the second team can continue the meeting until the end of the minutes. The second command gets the score, if you give the correct answer. If the correct answer is not given a command, the master himself calls it and moves on to the next question.

When the master asked all the planned questions (3, 5, 7 questions), summarizing. The team that gave more answers, gets 2 points, second in this case is 0. If participants gave the same number of correct answers, then both are awarded 1 point.

Next, the teams change tables so that each played with all the opponents.

If at the end of the game there is a disputable situation, players are asked additional questions to determine the winner.

Complete the game greeting words of the Director, awards, dance or musical number from the pupils. Also finish the evening with a competition between the winning team and a team of teachers out of the competition.

The game "brain-ring" can be done monthly and at the end of the school year or semester to hold a tournament with the winners of the qualifying stages.